Startup Lines of Credit to fund your business – up to $150k

Lines of credit are an exceptional tool for any growing business. Think about it as a credit card for your business that can provide you cash whenever you need it for any purpose you may have (without charging for cash advances like a typical credit card). Your business is only charged interest based on what is used, not interest on the total amount of the available funds as in a term loan.

Our startup line of credit program is one of the best on the market and utilizes a mixture of unsecured business and personal credit cards with no interest rate for the first year. We don’t require any collateral, tax returns or financials.

  • Funding amounts: $15,000 to $150,000 (average $50,000)
  • Interest rates: 0% for the first year
  • Credit requirements: 680+
  • Minimum time in business: none
  • Minimum revenue: none
  • One time success fee: 11.99% (under $35k) or 9.9% (over $35k)
  • Unlike most credit cards: you can liquidate the funds into your bank account
  • Funding timeframe: 3-4 weeks


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